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Discussion on environmental protection of plastic packaging
Aug 02, 2017

Usually people always link plastic packaging and "white pollution" to the packaging products made of degradable materials as green packaging, without considering whether the production process of packaging products will cause environmental pollution and waste of resources, and the use of packaged products can be reused. For example, some people treat paper packaging as green packaging, placing plastic packaging on the opposite side of green packaging. So, what is green packaging?

Other packaging materials can not be replaced

Recently held in the Green Rubber Industry forum, experts clarified that the benefit of sustainable development packaging is green packaging. To safety and health, environmental friendly, saving resources of the three rulers to measure, to the whole life cycle analysis is environmentally friendly, is the green packaging. Therefore, if the paper packaging in the papermaking process of serious pollution or improper recycling, it does not meet the requirements of green packaging, and plastic packaging if the realization of the reduction, resources, recycling, is green packaging.

Research has shown that plastic materials can be used in a large number of applications because of their lighter quality, which has a lower carbon footprint than glass and metal. From a comprehensive perspective, plastics also have other packaging materials can not be replaced by the advantages. High-density polyethylene is much less polluting than the whole life cycle of the bleached Kraft paper shopping bag. If the packaging field is completely banned, will cause more packaging pollution.

Full life cycle Design first

In addition to the material used for packaging, it is also considered green from the user and the use environment. If the direct packaging materials are less, the use of the packaging may be more. Under the precondition of satisfying the packing function, according to the principle of economic activity behavior of recycle economy reduction, reuse and resource, it is the starting point of green design to minimize the amount of rubbish produced in the whole life cycle. This can be achieved through product design to achieve a lightweight packaging effect, reduce the use of raw materials, on the other hand can be used to facilitate the recovery of plastic raw materials, reduce the production of permanent solid waste. In packaging design and development, the overall vision of the development of a successful product is essential.

The recently listed Coca-Cola "ice dew" beverage bottle is the first representative of Green design. "Ice dew" light volumetric packaging body weighs only 9.8 grams, compared to the original bottle weight loss more than 35%, corresponding reduction of 35% of carbon emissions, and ordinary plastic canned beverage bottles of about 16 grams of quality. and its bottle wall thickness is only 0.1 millimeters, can easily twist into strips, saving more than 70% of the recycling space. This product is able to do less than the ordinary plastic bottle weight of nearly 40% but the physical properties of load and so on has not decreased, and its technical design is inseparable. The new CAP uses a narrow-mouth design, the diameter and height of the smaller to make the cap polyethylene material dosage decreased by 50%, but the tightness is not worse; the bottle wall adopts different reinforcement structure, although the thickness is only 0.1 mm, it is enough to ensure that the bottle body with the beverage is not deformed, and the appearance of the bottom petal-style grain is 1 time times more than that of the ordinary bottle, thus achieving a thin bottom resistance.

Recycling is also an important factor affecting the "image" of plastic packaging. Therefore, packaging materials more easily recycled is also the focus of plastic packaging design. According to the production enterprises, packaging design as far as possible using the same material or easy to separate materials, recycled materials, can improve the recycling of plastic packaging materials. Shuangfeng high-density polyethylene, metallocene polyolefin, high quality barrier properties of water-resistant modified polyvinyl alcohol coated film and other packaging materials, in the loss of existing properties, can reduce the film thickness. Such lightweight, single raw material packaging material is a good choice. such as hot-sealing stretch film plus cover varnish can significantly reduce the amount of material, has been in the cold drink packaging has been a large number of applications; high-strength metallocene polyolefin can reduce the thickness of the packaging film; Coextrusion composite technology can accurately control the thickness of each layer, so the high price barrier layer thickness can be controlled very thin, and its fresh-keeping performance can be doubled or even dozens of times times.

Optimization of total degradable plastics with short life packaging

In the opinion of Prof. Guo Baohua of Tsinghua University, Bioplastics can not completely replace ordinary plastic, but for disposable items or products with short life cycle and not easily recycled, such as plastic film or household packaging, the whole biodegradable material is an optimal material.

Polylactic acid, the first industrialized and fully degradable plastic material, has been widely used in the field of packaging. Large retailers, led by retail giants Wal-Mart, have been promoting the use of polylactic acid transparent hard boxes and bags a few years ago, and more and more retailers are joining in.

14 grams of ordinary polyethylene packaging materials, if modified polylactic acid materials to replace, the quality of only 1.5 grams. After the production of poly-lactic acid, the price will be close to the traditional polyethylene film. The green plastic packaging will be closer to us.

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