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How to know the quality of food packaging bags
Aug 02, 2017

At present, people's diet is increasing, and the problem of our living level needs to rise. In particular, this aspect of food packaging is very likely to arouse people's understanding. Some people say that safety is bliss, hehe.

For example, you are rich, but not blessed. Is it a special complaint in my life? As a result, we still have to look at the safety of our emotions. Only because of food, packaging, exercise and other aspects of care. For the above form, relative to our Cangzhou Hanoi Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. Management staff have certainly give you a brief description of the relevant introduction, the feelings can help you. Crap less, here we go. Select and use their qualified food packaging bags, we have to pay attention to the following points:

1. Food packaging Bag when it is no smell, no odor, those very smelly food packaging bags, not for safety considerations is the best or not to food packaging.

2. The packaging of food packaging must have a text mark, printing factory name, site, product business, not the same in the two areas of considerable writing "food use" words. Products are written after the factory has a certificate of inspection.

3. Choose to use food to buy business, control to street stalls to spend a few dollars.

4. The color of the food packaging bag is not for safety reasons, preferably not in the food packaging. As a result of this state of food packaging bags are often recycled plastic production.

5. Food packaging bag is not easy to degrade the characteristics, will cause environmental pollution, in this regard, the procurement of food, very good green packaging materials.

6. As far as possible the most effective without coating, coating materials. In the current packaging design, of course, to make the packaging increase in beauty, corrosion resistance, the use of a large number of materials attached to the coating. You not only to the product scrap after the material recovery, and then take the problem, and most of the paint itself is toxic, if people eat these packaged food, will have a great harm to people's health. The second coating, plating process also brought great pollution to the environment and equipment. such as paint volatile toxic solvent gas, electroplating, such as chromium containing heavy metals such as waste liquid, waste residue pollution. Therefore, should try to choose not to add coating, coating packaging materials.

The above-mentioned content is our food packaging bag in the purchase should pay attention to the content of the simple description, you buy food plastic packaging bags and can refer to buy quality food packaging bags

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