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Introduction to the characteristics of food plastic packaging bags
Aug 02, 2017

Films used as packaging materials generally have transparent, soft, good chemical stability, strength, moisture, waterproof, corrosion, oil, heat, cold, dry heat up, light weight, pollution resistance, health, adapt to the characteristics of temperature changes. If a single layer of film does not meet the required performance, it is necessary to selectively compound or coating several films.

For food packaging film must have the following characteristics: Good gas tightness, moisture, heat seal, tasteless, no odor, non-toxic, heat, retort, by preventing ultraviolet rays, oil, corrosion, cold, adapt to mechanical operation and other properties. If the selected film does not adapt to the characteristics of the interior, will cause food spoilage, decay, and will produce poor adhesion, such as mechanical operation, obstruction, wrinkle and broken bag appearance, perforation, mildew, harm, etc. end.

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