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Matters needing attention in the design of plastic flexible packaging
Aug 02, 2017

1. aluminum-plastic flexible packaging, aluminum-paper soft packaging: Because of opaque, can be considered in accordance with the conventional color.

2. Single-layer polyethylene Packaging: Because it is transparent, you can consider the color of the content as the complementary colors of the printing, the content of the color can be used as a pattern background, or as a decorative color (window color) can be, as long as your design style depends.

3. the color of liquid goods can be used for soft packaging background color, such as milk, soy milk, fruit juices and so on.

4. solid small particles of the color can also be used for soft packaging background color, such as coffee, monosodium glutamate and so on.

5. solid large particles of the color is not good for soft packaging background color, such as dried candied fruit, this packaging suggested that the transparent window on the packaging, or single-sided printing full version of opaque color, the back only printing instructions text, so that content transparent visible.

6. the bar code must have a clear contrast of the background, you can not use the content as a backdrop, so as not to read the encoder.

7. the text does not have the tough stipulation, as long as guarantees with the food contact surface does not print, the text art is the design to play the space.

8. In the best possible circumstances, with more color will appear realistic some, but the cost goes up, generally the lowest four sets of film, that is, four-color, to print realistic, preferably seven sets of film plate, that is, with seven-color printing, of course, the premise is the production costs can bear the case.

9. the use of color is not listed separately, due to other patterns in the press.

10. the size of the text: the name of the commodity can be larger, but still depends on the size of the bag, but also the art of processing, that is, to do some text deformation and so on.

11. the text can be smaller, but the minimum can not be less than 2.5mm, otherwise can't see.

12. all the text should be contrasted with the background, so that it can be read clearly.

13. white and other issues are not tough rules, also belong to the scope of creative design.

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