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Safe use of plastic packaging
Aug 02, 2017

1. Pet (polyethylene terephthalate)
It is used for mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, etc. This kind of beverage bottle is suitable for the cold drink or warm drink only, meets the heat easily to deform. Moreover, this kind of plastic products may release carcinogenic substances after 10 months, it is best to use up disposable, do not use as a kettle.
2. HDPE (high-density polyethylene)
White medicine bottles, cleaning supplies containers, supermarkets, plastic bags used in many of these plastic, indicating the food used in plastic bags can also be used for food. This kind of container is not easy to thoroughly clean, easy to residual contaminants, not suitable for recycling.
3. PVC (PVC)
For fear of heat, when encountering high temperature and grease, it is easy to precipitate the harmful substances in vinyl chloride and plasticizing agent. It is now less used for packaged food.
4. LDPE (low-density polyethylene)
Fresh-keeping film, plastic film is made of PE plastic. When the food is heated in a microwave oven, remove the plastic wrap, as the fat in the food heats up and dissolves the harmful substances.
5. PP (polypropylene)
PP contains less additives, not afraid of heat, is the only can be put into the microwave heating plastic, commonly used in microwave oven boxes and plastic water cups, can be reused.
6. PS (polystyrene)
Disposable water cups, foaming snack boxes, bowls of foam boxes are made of PS plastic. It is not afraid of cold is not afraid of heat, but can not withstand the high temperature of microwave ovens, but also cannot be loaded with more acid or alkali substances, otherwise it will decompose the carcinogenic effect of polystyrene.
7. PC (polycarbonate) and other types
Used to make bottles, space cups and so on. Because the production process needs BPA (bisphenol A, can lead to reproductive function decline, disrupt endocrine function, reduce immunity), such plastic containers may be residual BPA, especially when choosing a bottle.

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