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What information is on the packaging of dog food?
Aug 02, 2017

Statement of net Content
NET content refers to the actual weight of the product in the package, understanding the net content of the product can better help consumers to judge the actual price of the product: The price of the product itself does not reflect the price per unit of weight, because the packaging will allow people to visually produce some errors, carefully calculate the product per kilogram or per pound of cost can be very good to help consumers determine the actual value of the product.

II. Name and address of manufacturer
"This product is made up of ... Manufacturing "is a statement of responsibility that identifies product safety, quality, and origin information. If the label shows "for ..." To make "or" by ... Distribution ", the food is made by the subcontractor, but the label still defines the responsible party. Not all labels will indicate the manufacturer's detailed mailing address, but according to the law, it should at least give a city directory or a telephone directory. Many manufacturers will take the initiative to mark out the cost information phone, so that consumers can inquire about the information. If the consumer has questions or complaints about the product, he can contact the product's responsible party according to the guidance of the information.

III. Feeding Guide
The feeding guide refers to the amount of instructional feeding for specific animals, usually "daily feeding volume to meet the weight of/_ grams," the words show that in some small cans packaging, this sentence may be the whole content of the feeding guide, and bagged food packaging surface area is larger, may give a more detailed explanation. The feeding Guide is a recommendation, not an absolute standard, and it refers to the amount of feeding that satisfies only the most basic nutritional needs of a dog every day.

IV. Energy statement
Different kinds of pet food provide the same energy. Different manufacturers have different criteria for reference when feeding guidelines, which can also lead to the inability of pets to generalize their daily energy from food. The relevant regulations of AAFCO require the manufacturer to indicate the energy content.

V. Product Name
What is the name of the A dog food products? Product name is our first way to understand a products, businesses naturally know this, so they give a lot of products to choose some commendatory or terminology to highlight its characteristics, such as emphasizing the product of some kind of raw materials or products corresponding to the breed and so on.

VI. List of ingredients
According to regulations, all ingredients in the dog food must be marked from high to low according to the amount of content, including the moisture content of each ingredient should also be counted. This table is a list of ingredients for dog food. So, when you want to know what is most of the dog food you want to buy, you need to focus on the ingredient list, production of dog food Cat food Main original: extruded corn flour, puffed big rice flour, puffed wheat flour, puffed soy powder, imported super steam fish meal, chicken powder, chicken mud, dog food special multidimensional bacteria, dog food special nutrition additives, seasoning palatability raw materials.

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