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Key Knowledge Of Custom-made Plastic Bags
Aug 02, 2017

Custom-made plastic bags are a lot of food manufacturers have to do a job, plastic packaging bags are common in our daily life of a soft plastic packaging bags, such as in the supermarket to buy things when seeing 90% are used in this plastic packaging bag after the sale of food. Many of the first-time custom-made plastic bags of customers do not know the plastic packaging bag material, these plastic packaging bags have what advantages?
1, biaxial tensile polypropylene Bopp: High transparency, tensile strength, cold, heat,-40 degrees-120 degrees
2, biaxial tensile polypropylene matting film: small reverse luminosity, translucent, with extinction effect of the film.
3, the flow of polypropylene CPP: Good gloss, transparency, heat sealing, high temperature film for cooking packaging
4, Polyethylene PE: transparent, good gloss, with thermal seal, cold
5, polyester film pet: With tensile strength, heat resistance 60-150 degrees, airtight good, suitable for cooking, no heat seal
6, Nylon pa or NY: Colorless, high transparency, cold, heat, oil-resistant, can be cooked. Easy to absorb the tide, no heat seal sex
Custom-made plastic bags when you want to know that plastic packaging bags are composed of a single material, such as OPP composite CPP, this combination is very suitable for some small food packaging, its characteristics are mainly brightness, transparency, fine printing, moisture-proof, oxygen insulation.
Custom-made plastic packaging bags need to understand the characteristics of the material to accurately find their own products for the packaging bag!

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