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Rational Selection Of Moisture-proof Packaging Materials
Aug 02, 2017

Under the condition of high water activity, any mold and bacterium quickly reproduce in the food on the low water activity, oxygen will be absorbed by food to produce oxidation reaction and two rancid, when the water activity value is close to 0.5, because the Maillard reaction (Mail-lard reaction) causes the food to fade. Therefore, the possibility of different forms of decay reaction exists in the food, regardless of the water activity. Each risk factor may be excluded by chemical or physical inactivation, and the packaging will still help keep the water activity within limits. The diffusion of water through food is controlled by the active gradient, which only needs to dry the surface of the food to the water activity value of 0.75, and the interior remains moist. Excessive dryness of the surface is more likely to grow mold. If the insulation performance of the packaging is too high, it will shorten the storage period of food (growth mold), if the isolation performance of the packaging is too low, it will shorten the storage period of food (due to browning reaction or excessive drying). Therefore, it is very important to choose the packing material accurately and appropriately. Comparison of the anti-oxygen ability and water vapor resistance of soft packaging materials.