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Technology, Intelligence And Environmental Protection Plastic Industry Three Development Trends
Aug 02, 2017

As one of the pillar industries of light industry in China, the growth rate of plastics industry has remained above 10% in recent years. In the plastic products industry, the total output value of enterprises above the scale of 19 major industries in light industry, the third, achieve product sales rate of 97.8%, higher than the light industry average level.
The development of enterprises under new normal conditions is the input of structural adjustment, innovation-driven and control of resource environment. Its mainstream is to innovate, green, cycle, low-carbon development-oriented, to protect the ecological environment, environmental pollution as the core, scientific means to achieve the real clean production. To prevent the recurrence of "first pollution, after treatment, side governance, side destruction" mistakes.
The overall development trend can be summarized as follows three points:
1. Manufacturing technology and new High-tech integration.
On the basis of continuous breakthroughs in the forefront technology of the plastics industry, the core technology of current key commonality is focused on narrowing the gap with the High-tech production technology in developed countries. The acceleration of technological progress will give more new functions to plastic materials and plastic products to meet the needs of the national economy.
2. Now more general digital, intelligent manufacturing technology.
Digital Intelligent Technology is the common technology of product innovation and manufacturing technology innovation, and profoundly reform the manufacturing mode and industrial form, which is the core technology of the new industrial Revolution.
3. Lightweight, precision, clean production, eco-.
Lightweight technology will bring great convenience to the development of plastics industry. In the future, lightweight materials will become more and more widely used in automobiles, airplanes and rail transportation. Precision is a manifestation of advanced molding technology in the processing industry of plastic products, which is of great significance to industry, clean production and ecology, and create new steps for energy saving and emission reduction of plastic processing industry.