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The Future Of Food And Beverage Packaging Development Trend Speculation
Aug 02, 2017

It is predicted that the development trend of food and beverage packaging in the next 10 years is as follows:
(1) Most of the raw materials based on petrochemicals will be used as new packaging materials.
(2) aseptic Packaging of food will replace commercial refrigerated packaging.
(3) Multi-layer structure and multi-function plastic bottles will gradually replace glass bottles and metal.
(4) The development of soft packaging technology will be from the lower level to the advanced development, that is, the development of the direction of the hair and the crowded.
(5) The reduction of packaging costs will be improved from the process and the selection of low-cost packaging materials potential.
(6) Packaging will be in the direction of lightweight development, light packaging will be in the leading position.
(7) Because of the gradual aging of the population, the young men and women determined to make a difference to marry later, the number of the formation of a single family is increasing, so the demand for one-piece packaged food will increase.
(8) All kinds of food packaging paper will be replaced by composite and coextrusion plastic film, or replaced with plastic and paper/plastic composite materials.
(9) The food and beverage industry is developing at a faster pace, thus increasing the demand for packaging materials and containers.

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