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The Green Road Of Plastic Packing Bag Is Forming
Aug 02, 2017

Plastic bags are closely related to people's lives, but the environmental problems are increasingly serious, as early as 2008, the country issued a plastic limit, but the actual results are small, which is related to the characteristics of industry, technology development and the implementation of supervision and other factors. But now we are gratifying to see that the green road of plastic bags is being formed.
First, with the improvement of living standards, people's health and safety concerns are increasingly strong, environmental protection plastic bags have gradually entered the daily life, consumers are happy to choose when shopping
Green Plastic packaging bags, environmental protection plastics packaging generally include recycled plastic bags and new materials plastic packaging bags. Plastic bag manufacturers in the production process using a new technology, added the degradation of masterbatch ingredients, commonly known as biodegradable plastic packaging bags, the environmental protection of plastic bags in accordance with certain conditions can be decomposed.
Second, the innovation of production technology and processing technology, to create a green environmental protection plastic packaging bags. Recently, in CHINAPLAS2016 International rubber and Plastic exhibition, DuPont introduced the optimization of Zytel polyamide resin, in addition to excellent mechanical properties and heat and chemical resistance, the material also has excellent damping performance, can improve the engine peripheral components noise, vibration and acoustic vibration roughness (NVH) performance. Scientists have found that a bacterium can take up to 29 degrees Celsius and spend 6 weeks running out of plastic bags. Tests show that the bacterium uses enzymes to decompose pet, producing an intermediate chemical. The chemical is then absorbed by the cell and further decomposed into the cell by other enzymes, providing carbon and oxygen to the bacterium to help it grow. Some experts say the bacterium could be used to "kill" plastic products such as plastic bags that are increasingly damaging the planet.
Third, the State will promote green environmental protection and recycling economy to the strategic level, and the introduction of targeted support and encouragement of policy measures. The National Development and Reform Commission aims to recycle new models by using the Internet + to recycle plastic recycling. The Ministry of Finance issued the catalogue of the value-added tax of resources comprehensive utilization products and services, and the central government has written Twelve-Five plans for ecological civilization construction. All these indicate that the state is trying to support and guide the development of plastics industry, including plastic bags, to green, environmental protection and intensive direction.
Plastic Packaging Bag Green Road is the industry and social development of the inevitable, which requires the common participation of the whole society, let us start from their own, for the green ecological civilization to contribute to a force!