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The Past And Future Development Trend Of Plastic Packaging In China
Aug 02, 2017

People in addition to concern about the safety of food itself, more packaging products are 4.91 million tons, glass packaging products 15.5 million tons, packaging machinery 1.2 million sets. Visible packaging industry potential.

As new materials emerge, they are not eliminated and are steadily improving their market position. April 14, the China Film Industry Association held in Nanchang, Jiangxi, the fourth session of the Council to expand the fifth Meeting decided to formally implement the film market this May 1 product registration system to strengthen the integrity of our film industry and brand building.

According to the introduction, Film market sales of product registration system for the exhibition annual growth rate of 7%. From 2011 to 2015, GDP is expected to exceed 600 billion yuan, the average annual growth rate of about 16%. Product Classification, Chinese paper packaging products production to 2015 up to 36 million tons of ideas have changed, to green environmental development, to explore more recyclable materials, continuous learning, innovative ability to survive in a large number of manufacturers in order to stand out in the fierce competition in all of the Chinese market in the production and sale of film products in China and foreign enterprises effective, initially in the field of separation membrane pilot, and gradually spread to the functional film industry. Its registration record includes: The Enterprise has the independent legal person qualifications; product has the National Standardization Management organization record the product production standard; product quality by the State or industry authorized third-party testing institutions, products with factory qualified quality inspection certificate and other conditions. In addition, the China Film Industry Association will do a good job in the registration of film products on the basis of the appropriate time to recommend to the market excellent film enterprises and products, and further standardize market order.

At present, the film industry has more than 200 production enterprises, more than 100 scientific research units, film engineering enterprises have thousands of companies, the development of enterprises between the level of disparity, the market on the film product gap.

In Shanghai, the 2014 functional film industry market and technology concerned about the food packaging bag material safety issues. Food safety is important, but because other materials cause pollution, the damage is also very large. In recent years, the market on a variety of food, are concerned about plastic pollution, such as plasticizer, if the food packaging bag itself stability is not high, it will be easy to chemical action with food, resulting in pollution.

The plastic packaging industry is maintained annually, plastic packaging products 9.46 million tons, gold development seminar, China Plastic Co., Ltd. BOPP Special Committee, Foshan Buddha Plastic Technology Group chief engineer Wu Yaogen published a "functional film new product development Discussion" speech, detailed analysis of the functional film development status, existing problems and future development trends.

Wu Yaogen said that the functional film plays an important role in the new strategic industries and has a wide application prospect. But at present, the technical barrier of functional film products is higher, there are many problems in raw material, equipment and technology. "In terms of raw materials, production is a big gap. "said Wu Yaogen.

Because of the advantages of plastic itself, the future will be in the electronic letter high barrier film, electrical insulating membrane, battery isolation film, optical film, photovoltaic solar cell packaging film and other functional films.

Secondly, the lightweight technology is still mainly imported, and it plays an indispensable role in the field of special polyester film Aerospace, biotechnology and urban transportation. In China Plastic Association recently released the "Plastic Processing industry Technical Progress" Twelve-Five "development guidance has a special function of the film, the general need for special grades of resin products, such as BOPP packaging film required polypropylene resin, domestic BOPP special materials can only be used for the production of ordinary optical film, and the production of high-performance film materials by the core technology mainly by the United States, Japan and Korea, domestic polyester film industry lack of advanced technology, resulting in a single film products, and mostly limited to low-end market, At home and abroad in the technical aspects of the comments, interest, international corporate monopoly; in equipment, the processing precision, tensile speed and process parameters control of domestic equipment exist a large gap with foreign equipment, so the functional properties of plastic film can meet the urgent needs of the national economy and downstream industries. "Twelve-Five" period, energy-saving and environmental protection, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing and biotechnology, and other emerging industries on the matching of plastic performance put forward higher requirements, such as the clear point of the plastic processing industry development direction is functional, lightweight and micro-molding. Wu Yaogen believes this applies equally to the functional film industry.

First, the increase in emissions provides support. Traditional materials and processes can not meet the requirements of the Low-carbon economy era, the new environment-friendly, lightweight high-strength materials processing technology and molding process to make the plastic film further lightweight.

Finally, the micro-forming technology integrates the cutting-edge technology from the equipment to the molding process, including 3D printing, micro-injection molding, stacking and forming, which will expand the application of plastic film in the high precision end parts, and meet the demand of miniaturization of plastic parts.